Indoor events are becoming more and more popular.

Types of Team Building

A great team building activity involves all the participants in working together to accomplish a specific task.


A great outdoor team building activity involves the team in physical and mental activities. A typical outdoor team building activity may include challenging the members to complete a maze all together, each member carrying only one ball to represent their teamwork. This metaphor will be represented by them “carrying” the ball of their relationship through the course and successfully completing it as a group. Another such example is rounding up various items (wood, ropes, etc. and marching around them, carrying them on a team member’s head and finally crossing the finish line.



The goal of this type is to create excitement and enthusiasm. Great team building activities can be used to build team spirit, build trust between team members, cultivate group cohesion, and create commitment. It has become more common for firms to use this approach as a means for promoting development in their employees. Some leaders even hold that it might influence people’s behavior positively on the job when used consistently.


A role-playing team building activity involves each person having a certain role to play in order to achieve the desired result. The roles are usually very different from each other and may be played by different teams altogether. Team building is the process of creating, forming, and establishing a cohesive joint effort among teammates. The aim of the process is to create trust among team members and promote collaboration by enabling them to overcome conflicts in an effective way.

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Commonly Referred

More commonly referred to as TBT- Stress-inducing activities are generally done by experienced teachers who are aware of how to best control their pupils (team members). These types of activities usually involve team members in a competitive environment, with one or two teams battling each other to achieve the desired results. The important thing is to determine the common goal of achieving that result and adapting the roles accordingly. For example, a leader may be required to “take-charge” as well as “coach” the team through a certain activity.

Team Building Activities

It is important to note that while these are categorized as team building activities, they can also be used by teachers as teaching tools!
Team building activities with a purpose involve the teams in accomplishing specific tasks that are geared towards promoting certain organizational goals.
These goals are usually a roadmap for the success of the organization and are designed to help team members reach their ultimate aim.



Creativity is an essential part of team building activities, which involve the creation of new and unique ideas as well as solving problems that cannot be solved with conventional solutions.

Problem Solving

“Problem solving” can also be a form of creativity, as long as no exact solution is offered before instituting creative thought to solve them. Non-competitive activities are much preferred than competitive ones as they help build trust and respect for each other among the team members. 

Building Activities

Team Building Activities are a wonderful way to get the team members to open up, reveal personality traits and hidden strengths that can be put to good use.


And in this age of rampant cut-throat competition, teamwork is much more important than ever before.